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The Fist Is Still Raised is a book, digital humanities project, and traveling artivist event examining and inspiring social movement history and resistance strategies from a visual cultural lens.

Using the focus point of raised fist images allows us to look across a century+ of political art production, while allowing the meaning and users of this image to shift over time. This lens reveals information about the use of the fist image itself. Looking over the development of this one image tells intersecting stories about liberation, direct action, and autonomous organizing for revolutionary change. As well, this way of overviewing political art helps us look at ways images and art play roles in social movement strategies and resistance cultures over time

This project includes:



The traveling 1.5 hour slideshow has been programmed at artist gatherings, live arts festivals, bookstores, and in schools. Contact me if you'd like to bring it to your town! 

In the slideshow and book, we talk about:

Book the slideshow, send along your raised fist images, or ask questions at: info [at] raisedfist.femmetech [dot] org



The creator of this project is Hadassah Damien, a political artist and community organizer from Brooklyn, NY. The first iteration of this text was her award-winning Masters thesis at the CUNY Graduate Center in NY, NY. Damien began graduate school in American Studies concurrently with the Occupy Wall Street movement, and after seeing many raised fists on their posters across NYC, she began to research the history.

Damien is the Resident Scholar at the Interference Archive [], co-producer of the radical queer art tour Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow [], and a fearless rabble rouser across the US and Canada who blogs about art, technology, and social change at 



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