The Fist is Still Raised

Fists Used Across Movements

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Fists Used Across Movements


Looking at image pairs of raised fists used similarly across decades and social movements.

Items in the Fists Used Across Movements Collection

The Hand That Will Rule The World, One Big Union.
Poster from a 1917 IWW newsletter.

Earth First! Logo
Earth First! image from EF! UK website.

Is It About To Strike?
IWW newsletter image from Free Speech Fights, 1909.

Electronic Civil Disobedience. book cover
Electronic Civil Disobedience - Italian ed. book cover

Cyber Rights Now!
Electronic Frontier Foundation digital democracy activism image, 2008.

Voter Contre ne suffit Pas
Poster from May 1968 uprisings.

Smash hate
Anti-fascist image from a wall stencil.