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Fists Raised For Capitalism

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Fists Raised For Capitalism


Image examples of raised fists used to promote nationalism, State ideology, for marketing or advertising purposes.

Items in the Fists Raised For Capitalism Collection

Squeeze hard! It's the dollar that makes him holler. Buy a bond to-day!
During World War I, state-sponsored images of raised, clenched fists appear in posters promoting the purchase of war, or “liberty” bonds. Printed in the decade after the socialist use, this poster insinuates that the visual power of a raised,…

Democracy: A Challenge
Fists evident in the WPA/FAP archives are not only connotative of holding tools and showing labor power in a strike, but also conjure the fist of justice held up but the Statue of Liberty – certainly not an oppositional image.

Boss Revolution: Phone Card Logo
A logo used by IDT Telecom, Inc. to market a phone card which will "revolutionize" the way you use a cell phone, apparently.

Underdogs: Logo
A logo for a hot dog restauraunt in downtown Philadelphia. According to their website, "A revolution is at hand. It is a peaceful one - a hungry one. We want good food, we want it cheap and we want it now!"