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Crush and Create is a queer hardcore label out of Stockholm, Sweden.

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This event flyer seems to be handcrafted from the finest paper cutouts in 2014, found on Facebook. Not more known.

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This flyer says “Assimilate My Fist” and has the classic mirror-of-Venus raised fist wielding a guitar. The guitar reads Tribe8, a rather notorious dyke punk band out of San Francisco in the late 1980s and 1990s.

In the show poster which also…

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Positive Force was a punk organizing group in DC in the 1990s. They put on all-ages shows, made educational zines and pamphlets about reproductive rights, pro-choice issues, feminist concerns, and , and they put on or worked on:
• Resist the…

This image is part of a large project to create a standardized metadata schema for the cataloging and archiving of zines.

The most noteable visual element of this logo is it’s combination of a raised fist with the Hardcore/Straightedge “X”,…

Punk/political artist Gee Vaucher's “Your Country Needs You.” was originally released with the uncensored re-issue of The Crass's album "The Feeding of the 5,000."

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Image by cartoonist and artist-in-residence Nina Paley for Readers Bill of Rights.

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Femmes Fight Back is an image created for a performance piece by Damien Luxe, honoring queer / trans women's contributions to LGBTQ liberation.

"Free All Political Prisoners" is likely by, or at least inspired by, the Black Panthers' Ad Hoc Committee to Free All Political Prisoners. Image from Michael Rossman's All of Us of None archive at the Oakland Museum, curated and managed by the…
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