The Fist is Still Raised

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Image by cartoonist and artist-in-residence Nina Paley for Readers Bill of Rights.

"Free All Political Prisoners" is likely by, or at least inspired by, the Black Panthers' Ad Hoc Committee to Free All Political Prisoners. Image from Michael Rossman's All of Us of None archive at the Oakland Museum, curated and managed by theā€¦

A coffee logo from Counter Culture coffee roasters, an NYC-based company.

Mural's header text reads in Krelyole "pou-n te ka lib tout bon ki fe kris te delivre nou". English translation is "for us could be free indeed that Christ redeemed us."

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Lincoln Cushing's widely-referenced and informative overview of clenched, raised fists in political art.

IWW May Day poster reprinted in an IWW newsletter.

Anti-fascist image from a wall stencil.

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Poster from May 1968 uprisings.

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