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Positive Force was a punk organizing group in DC in the 1990s. They put on all-ages shows, made educational zines and pamphlets about reproductive rights, pro-choice issues, feminist concerns, and , and they put on or worked on:
• Resist the…

A pin reading "Bigots Beware!" made by the Committee of Lesbian and Gay Male Socialists. Pin's donor figured it must be from pre-1982, when that group dissolved.

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Mural "demanding liberty for anti-sweatshop labor organizing." from Pablo Butcher's book Urban Voodoo, street art in Haiti. Kreyole reads, "avoir un pays en chantier organize dans le respect de la justice," English translation is roughly "have a…

Leaflet promoting "the magazine for working class tenants and action groups, community projects, trade unionists & activsts involved in the struggle." Produced by the Islington Bus Co., a social movement infoshop and resource in London in the…

The Brown and Proud poster was created in reponse to Arizona passing SB 1070 into law. The law will allow local "law enforcement" legally use racial profiling to harrass anyone they respect "who is an alien and who is unlawfully present in the U.S."

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