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Punk/political artist Gee Vaucher's “Your Country Needs You.” was originally released with the uncensored re-issue of The Crass's album "The Feeding of the 5,000."

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This t-shirt of the group Lavender Left, on which there is very little research or documentation, was a small group of queer/lgbtq individuals who did direct actions protesting the treatment of people with HIV/AIDS. In 1988, this photo of AIDS…

A pin reading "Bigots Beware!" made by the Committee of Lesbian and Gay Male Socialists. Pin's donor figured it must be from pre-1982, when that group dissolved.

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A potato-print raised fist image, created in the early 1980s for The Alternative Printing Handbook, which explains independent and DIY printing techniques.

Leaflet promoting "the magazine for working class tenants and action groups, community projects, trade unionists & activsts involved in the struggle." Produced by the Islington Bus Co., a social movement infoshop and resource in London in the…

Anti-fascist image from a wall stencil.
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