The Fist is Still Raised

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This flyer says “Assimilate My Fist” and has the classic mirror-of-Venus raised fist wielding a guitar. The guitar reads Tribe8, a rather notorious dyke punk band out of San Francisco in the late 1980s and 1990s.

In the show poster which also…

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Positive Force was a punk organizing group in DC in the 1990s. They put on all-ages shows, made educational zines and pamphlets about reproductive rights, pro-choice issues, feminist concerns, and , and they put on or worked on:
• Resist the…

Mural's header text reads in Krelyole "pou-n te ka lib tout bon ki fe kris te delivre nou". English translation is "for us could be free indeed that Christ redeemed us."

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SEIU union poster.

Earth First! image from EF! UK website.
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