The Fist is Still Raised

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Crush and Create is a queer hardcore label out of Stockholm, Sweden.

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This event flyer seems to be handcrafted from the finest paper cutouts in 2014, found on Facebook. Not more known.

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This image is part of a large project to create a standardized metadata schema for the cataloging and archiving of zines.

The most noteable visual element of this logo is it’s combination of a raised fist with the Hardcore/Straightedge “X”,…

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Femmes Fight Back is an image created for a performance piece by Damien Luxe, honoring queer / trans women's contributions to LGBTQ liberation.

A coffee logo from Counter Culture coffee roasters, an NYC-based company.

Logo designed in 2013 by Sean Doran and Ellen Graham for a Halifax, NS based movement to unionize coffee shop workers. Screenprinted instances printed by Shay Enxuga.

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An image that manifested as an illustration, print, and stencil. Generated by artist Lex NonScripta for "Best Revenge, a giant, roving spectacle of art and performance with like 35 artists and 5 different locations that [NonScripta] co-organized with…

20140109-QDEP_LOGO- JamilaHammami.jpg
The Queer Detainee Empowerment Project is forging to fill a gap in NYC to serve queer, trans, and HIV+ detainees.

The logo made for the 2013 Dyke March in NYC by artist and RISD professor Cat Stephens.
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