The Fist is Still Raised

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Logo designed in 2013 by Sean Doran and Ellen Graham for a Halifax, NS based movement to unionize coffee shop workers. Screenprinted instances printed by Shay Enxuga.

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Mural "demanding liberty for anti-sweatshop labor organizing." from Pablo Butcher's book Urban Voodoo, street art in Haiti. Kreyole reads, "avoir un pays en chantier organize dans le respect de la justice," English translation is roughly "have a…

Leaflet promoting "the magazine for working class tenants and action groups, community projects, trade unionists & activsts involved in the struggle." Produced by the Islington Bus Co., a social movement infoshop and resource in London in the…

The Voice of Action was a radical labor newspaper that was published weekly in Seattle from March 1933 until October 1936. This cover shows a raised fist *as* the paper itself, leading an interracial group of workers.

Art Front published from 1934-1937, and it was a dual venture of the Artists' Committee of Action and the Artists' Union. The cover of the Nov. 1934 first issue of Art Front shows both the logo of the Artists’ union, a fist holding three…

Poster by by Nedeljkovich, Brashich and Kumarich, to encourage subscriptions to the Industrial Worker, which publishing in Spokane, WA as the voice of the Western branches of IWW.

IWW May Day poster reprinted in an IWW newsletter.

SEIU union poster.

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